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Morita Farm has been growing peaches since 1948.

We are located in Fuefuki city which has the highest production volume of peaches in Yamanashi.

Our farm is located on the hills overlooking the Kofu Basin. Rich fertile soils, rapid temperature changes and the highest amount of sunshine in the country make for optimum peach growing conditions.

Our farm is a small family run business who are all directly involved with all aspects from production to sales.

Our goal is simple. To make our customers happy with delicious peaches. Each peach is carefully grown then chosen at the perfect time to ensure our customers are looking forward to that memorable eating experience every summer.

Morira farm member
Peach picking



The secret of peach sweetness.

At Morita Farm, we aim to harvest at the most optimal time. In Supermarkets, peaches are usually picked very early to ensure they last for longer periods. The most delicious peaches are the ones that have fully ripened with plenty of sunlight.


Freshly picked then shipped.

All our peaches are harvested in the morning then shipped the same day. You will receive the peaches the following day. ( Hokkaido and Kyushu add one extra day)


Rich soil with organic fertilizer.

We take great care to look after our soil, we do not use chemical fertilizers or herbicides. The organic fertilizer is make by ourselves to ensure we know exactly what is going into our soil.


Cultivation focused on quality not quantity.

From the beginning of spring when peach blossoms begin, we carefully select each peach that will be grown.

By reducing the numbers on each branch we can develop larger sweeter peaches come harvest.

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Team Member



Hiromi is the quality control Manager, She has been growing peaches her whole life and is always looking at improving on her high standards. She cares about every detail on her farm and will spend long hours aiming for that perfect peach.



Taka is from a salaryman background. He cares greatly about the farms soil and has developed an organic fertilizer to ensure our trees are cared for. He loves to source local Sempai Peach farmers advice in a effort to get our customers falling in love with our peaches.



Matt is a New Zealander and started at Morita Farm in 2015. When he first saw a Yamanashi peach he was shocked at its size and sweetness. He wants as many people as possible to experience the uniqueness of a Yamanashi peach.



Emi returned to Yamanashi in 2015. As a child she did not realise how amazing Yamanashi peaches were until she lived overseas. She wants to learn more about agriculture and develop methods to advertise the goodness of Yamanashi peaches. 

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