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Our mission is simple.  To bring you outstanding peaches that we love and are proud of.


Morita Farm is now into its third generation of families that have been involved with peach growing in Fuefuki Yamanashi. Our team uses a blend of old and new techniques to develop the taste sensation that is a Morita Farm peach.


Morita Farm is located up in the hills overlooking the Kofu basin in Yamanashi. We are lucky to have the combination of rich soil, rapid temperatures changes and some of the highest sunshine hours in the country. These aspects make Yamanashi the best peach growing area in Japan.


We look forward to you enjoying the peaches that we love to grow.

The four seasons at Morita Farm

--  Each season is important for developing the highest quality peaches. --



Spring brings some spectacular viewing, we encourage you to come to the Yamanashi area to view the peach trees blooming in full flight.

This is a very important time on a peach farm, especially in regards to weather. If there is a cold snap or too much rain we can lose out on the seasons crop. During this time we manually thin out about 70% of the peach flowers. The pollen is then collected by hand and brushed over our trees that do not self pollinate. It is very delicate and time consuming period for farmers.



Autumn begins the new cycle for our peach trees, organic fertilizer which includes rice bran is then added underneath the trees.  This enhances the recovery process after a hard summer and also helps aid protection over a cold winter.




Summer is action time, late spring and early summer means more fruit thinning and ensuring the right fruit is left on the trees. Individual fruit bagging then takes place which allows protection from animals, diseases and weather elements.  Finally silver sheets are put under the trees to reflect the sunshine which brings out the dramatic pink colouring of our fruit.

As the fruit becomes larger, our team are careful not to pick too early. We pick at the optimum time so when you enjoy that first bite you will know that the peach has been picked for a reason.



In winter, our trees require a certain amount of chill hours in their dormant stage to gain the energy for the new peach buds to develop healthly.

Pruning also occurs with the utmost care, visualising each branch and establishing the top location for the peach flowers to bloom.

Morita farm peach
Young peaches
Peach buds
Putting peache bags
Pollination in Yamanashi

Team Members


Emi returned to Yamanashi in 2014. As a child she did not realise how amazing Yamanashi peaches were until she lived overseas. She wants learn more about agriculture and develop methods to advertise the goodness of Yamanashi peaches. 


Matt is a New Zealander and started at Morita Farm in 2014. When he first saw a Yamanashi peach he was shocked at its size and sweetness. He wants as many people as possible to experience the uniqueness of a Yamanashi peach.


Hiromi is the quality control Manager, she has been growing peaches her whole life and is always looking at improving on her high standards. She cares about every detail on her farm and will spend long hours aiming for that perfect peach.


Taka is from a salaryman background. He cares greatly about the farms soil and has developed an organic fertilizer to ensure our trees are cared for. He loves to source local Sempai Peach farmers advice in a effort to get our customers falling in love with our peaches.

Morita Farm peach information

Sweet peach
Yamanashi sliced peach
Yellow peach


2979-1 Kamikurokoma

Misakacho Fuefukishi Yamanashi Japan 

TEL & FAX: 055-264-2765  Mobile: 080-8900-7446 


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