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Peach Varieties

Each peach variety we grow at Morita Farm has contrasting flavours, textures and colours.  We nurture each type differently and carefully to ensure the fruit is at its pinnacle for our customers.

We have over 15 different varieties of Peaches, below are our most common types.




 Hikawa Hakuho  

    Misaka Hakuho     


 Asama Hakuto  












Kawanakajima Hakuto


Hikawa Hakuhou is the top of the line early season peach. They have a soft texture, plentiful juice and medium sweetness ranging from 12-14 weighing in at around 200-250g. The skin can be pulled away from the flesh easily. Hikawa Hakuhou were developed in Fuefuki city and have a great reputation with a strong peach flavour, superb quality, a powerful red colour and a refreshing aftertaste. This variety is chosen as the main early season summer gift peach that is guaranteed to thank and impress your friends, family and co-workers.

Developed locally in Misaka city and averaging around 250g, this peach is a larger variety for the early season. Misaka Hakuhou has a mellow easy tasting flavour with sweetness around 11-13. It is a peach that is perfect for adding to desert due to its subtle taste. The peach comes out in a beautiful pink red colour with a crisper texture, there is no better way to be transported to the peach hills of Yamanashi than enjoying a Misaka peach this summer. Our suggestion is eating with honey vanilla yogurt to make it a dessert that everyone will remember.

This variety is a hybrid between Hakuto and Hakuho peaches,  developed to get the best features out of both varieties. The flesh is a fine almost crunchy texture with high sweetness of around 12-15 that ensures the flavour is high impact. Akatsuki is a heavy fruit with limited water content ranging between 250g to 300g. With its superb pink colour and easy peeling skin it makes a great summer fruit memory to enjoy. The flesh is not as soft as a Hikawa peach but this makes it a popular durable summer gift option with long storage life. Akatsuki the main peach of the mid season range that has an excellent reputation.

Asama Hakuto is our top of the line variety, but also the most challenging peach to grow. It is affected by many factors meaning it is becoming more difficult to find on the market. Many farmers in the area opt for easier growing peaches that are not so sensitive to nature. However, this is the peach we are most proud of and will continue to make for our friends, family and customers to enjoy. Asama is the largest size variety weighing around 300g to 400g and also the sweetness averaging around 12-17.The elasticity, excellent sweetness and strong smell means it is our most famous peach, which we have the utmost confidence in.

Natsukko is a new variety of peach established with heavy expectations. Firstly developed in Nagano in 2000 it is a thoroughbred variety developed from Kawanakajima Hakutou and Akatsuki peaches. It is a firm and crunchy peach with a blood red colour, the size is also large around 300g and strong sweetness between 12- 16. This peach is being more sought after every year due its sweetness, appearance and durability. 

Kawanakajima Hakutou is a fitting end of season peach filled with grace and rich flavour.  With its reddish flesh and slightly firm pale skin the rich juice has a honey aftertaste.  It is a steady peach that is not affected by rainy season so gains every bit of summer sun with a sweetness of 12-16 and heavy meat weighing around 300 to 350g. The peaches are firm and crunchy meaning it is the perfect peach for keeping for extended periods and a great late summer gift for people who enjoy harder peach varieties. At Morita Farm, It is also the peach of choice for us when bottling, cooking or freezing

Rare golden peaches.

This peach variety was created by mutation here in Fuefuki. It is a peach that is now changing the image of yellow peaches in Japan. Usually yellow peaches are associated with canned peaches used to add to desserts. This beautiful peach has a hint of mango flavour but has its own distinct tropical smell with a soft soggy texture (again similar to a Mango) that is a pleasure to eat. The sweetness is very high between 13-16 and size around 250-300g. We have limited Kimiko peaches available and highly recommend you try this contrasting sweet tropical flavour.

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