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How to eat our peaches

Enjoying our peaches your way

We understand that people enjoy peaches in different ways. The locals of Yamanashi prefecture enjoy a peach with a crunchy texture, while in Tokyo many enjoy a softer juicier peach that melts in your mouth with every bite.

Most peaches sold at supermarkets are already soft, as they have been sitting for an extended period after being picked unripe to ensure a long shelf life.


Our peaches are always freshly picked each morning and sent to you straight away. If you love that fresh crunchy texture you can enjoy the peach straight away when you open your box. If you want a softer juicier peach, just leave the peach in room temperature for one day or until it is ready the way you crave.


Caring for your peaches

Peaches are an extremely delicate fruit that weaken considerably with temperature changes. Storing your peaches in the refrigerator for extended periods will diminish that precious sweet flavour.

With that in mind we recommend you store your fruit at room temperature and out of the sun. For a refreshing cool summer treat just place your peach in the refrigerator two hours before eating.

If you are taking our peaches overseas please ensure you take them in your cabin luggage to protect them from bruising.

Cooking with peaches


There are also other interesting ways we use our own peaches over summer. 

We make tasty pizza, cold pasta, great salads and also added to Mexican dishes to make a sweet and spicy fusion hit.

Clink on the links below for our own peach recipes that were on Japanese televison.

Tetsuwan dash 

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