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Our peaches are an eating experience that you will cherish forever.
We want you to be able to enjoy that beautiful rich peach fragrance that transports you to Fuefuki's rolling hills where our peaches are grown with love and expertise.


Peach farmer

Meet the Morita Farm team who have been creating delectable peaches for three generations.


Online peaches

Enjoy our delicious peaches directly to your door for the ultimate summer eating experience.

Note- Peaches can only be sent around Japan.

Farmers Blend

Real Food by Real Farmers. Our food trucks specialise in making delicious smoothies using our own peaches and other great Yamanashi farmers fruits.

Check todays locations here.

Peach varieties

Learn more about the distinct varieties of peaches we grow at Morita Farm.

How to eat peaches

People enjoy their peaches in different ways. How do you enjoy yours?


Peach pollen
Peach flowers
Peach bag


2979-1 Kamikurokoma

Misakacho Fuefukishi Yamanashi Japan 

TEL & FAX: 055-264-2765  Mobile: 080-8900-7446 


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