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Thanks Cairns

Thanks Cairns, It's finally come, packing completed, apartment keys handed in, car sold, farewells dusted, the job finished up, 200 beers drunk and that dam iron man festival has come to an end… However, as I post this we have missed to final bus to Yamanashi, as it took the baggage handlers over 1 hour to unload the plane of bikes. It wasn't the worst sleep I’ve had at an Airport but it still made me grumpier than a night shift worker not being able to finish on time. Firstly, an extremely grateful thank you to Cairns where home has been for the last four years. I haven't really had a chance to reflect on what we are leaving, perhaps when I'm sitting by myself watching Bogan Hunters I may get a little teary, but I will look back with extremely fond memories at the whole place in general. The friends we are leaving I'm sure will stay friends forever, the world isn't big and I look forward to our next meeting wherever that may be, perhaps sand boarding in a Libya Desert, trekking up a Volcano in Iceland or causing some trouble and landing in an North Korea jail. The next few weeks will be spent with the mornings on the farm, understanding and learning our product, hopefully mastering some Yamanashi Dialect and snacking on fresh horsemeat. Afternoons will mainly include planning and be computer based, We will be hopefully launching our websites very soon and selling nationally as soon as possible.

I hope to be able to bring you a few stories weekly and let you enjoy our first few steps in agritourism industry in Yamanashi Japan. We are going to enjoy this ride and fingers crossed the future is as fruitful as we have planned.

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