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The Yamanashi super fruit

After doing some research and making delicious Kiwifruit sweets on a daily basis for Farmers Blend, I thought I would pull together a quick list of reasons why people should eat this wonder fruit.

With Kiwifruit being low in calories, full of antioxidants and energy this humble fruit is definitely something that will even out the Beef bowls, fried chicken and calpis drinks that many of us consume regularly in Japan.

This list of nutrition benefits was made to help people who live a jam packed life in Japan…However, it could also persuade you to enjoy more Kiwfruits in your diet.

  • Fibre- eat two kiwifruit and you get more fibre than a bowl of bran. It will maintain your heart rate, digestion and lower your cholesterol after enjoying a tray full of breakfast Gyozas each morning.

  • No Fat, perfect for eating after all you can eat Yakiniku (BBQ meats) to cleanse the body of the bucket of grease you just enjoyed.

  • Vitamin C, one kiwifruit has 2.5 times the daily amount, perfect for those long days in the office where you feel like you’re getting more stressed and aging by the minute.

  • Antioxidants, they are a superb source of antioxidants which help reduce your risk of cancer, heart disease and strokes after spending three nights a week in Karaoke bars impressing everyone with how well you can sing ‘Welcome to the Jungle’.

  • Low glycemic index, Kiwifruit has a index of 52, compare this to a bucket of roasted nuts of 12. It is low carb fruit thats safe for diabetics, it is also a smart part of any weight loss diet especially when you are training for that one day you will spend at the beach in Atami flexing like Mike Katz.

  • Lutein, contains phytochemical lutein which tries to prevent age related blindness and protect eyes from damage after spending 16 hours a day at a Pachinko parlour.

  • Magnesium- two kiwifruit deliver 30mg of magnesium which aids nerve and muscle function while boosting your energy level. Perfect to eat before heading to Niseko Hokkaido to do stupid things.

  • Folate, nearly 10% of the daily value. Its perfect for protecting the health of mothers and babies during pregnancy and helping to prevent birth defects.

  • Zinc, Helps produce testosterone if you are heading to Roppongi to go boating. Other benefits include healthy hair, skin, teeth and nails.

  • Vitamin E, one of the few fat free sources of vitamin E, that helps lower cholesterol and boost immunity after spending a weekend on a Ramen crawl in Fukuoka.

All those benefits will do you a world of good, get enjoying more Kiwifruits so you can still enjoy all these activities above without a worry! Come visit Farmers Blend this spring to enjoy an abundance of this magic fruit.

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