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Kamui ski area Misaka

Compared to 2014, this year there has not been ridiculous amounts of snow in Yamanashi, but there has been enough to get out and have some fun.

There are all from February 2014 in Yamanashi

On top of the Misaka range on the way to Kawaguchiko, 6 minutes from Morita Farm and 80 minutes from Tokyo is the closest ski field from the Capital.

Kamui Misaka Ski area does not have the same amount of powder snow as say Nagano or Hokkaido but is the perfect option for an easy daytrip, beginners or just to be as much of a pest as Bear from Alaskan Bush people.

I went skiing for the first time in March 2014 at Kamui, this was after watching a youtube video on how to ski and then having a 2 minute tutorial when picking up my skis, I then hit the slopes. What happened after that was utter carnage, school children getting ploughed over, out of bounds areas being entered and chairlifts being shut down after a safety breach. This all took place in 30 minutes, my ego took a pounding and snuck away with my tail between my legs in shame determined not to try again.

Fast Forward one year, I had recovered from the trauma and decided to try again. This time I was more determined than North Korean trying to sneak into China. A friend of mine it a ski instructor and agreed to teach me properly which I found out that it is not as difficult as expected. It was a really great day and with Kamui ski area is such a convenient location, its definitely worth getting to, beware like everywhere in Japan, weekends are packed more than KFC on a Tuesday in Australia.

Now that I know how to ski, I’m hanging out for the next ski trip more than the new Supertrooper’s movie.

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