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Misaka's Himine Shrine

I know many people who love to have their own special place in the world, whether its a special fishing spot, a slot machine, a Vietnamese meat roll shop, or a Owl Cafe. Everyone needs to have that place where they can re invigorate themselves and get their thoughts clear before watching Glenn Maxwell play cricket.

For me, its the mountain I look at everyday above Morita Farm at Kamikurokoma Misaka’s Himine Shrine. There are numerous hiking tracks with views of Mt Fuji, Kofu city, Koshu city and track leading over into Kawaguchiko, up to Mitsutoge and down to Yatsushiro.

Himine Shrine.jpg
Kofu summer view
Himine shrine MT Fuji view

Almost everyday during peach season i would head up to the river and slip around in the spring pool that we cleared in the river bed. I’m not too worried about people knowing about it as the water is 12C ,so there would only be myself and Scandinavians swimming in water that cool.

Himine Shrine Misaka
Misaka hiking

Before I voyaged up to Himine shrine for the first time, many of the neighbourhood warned me against it as it the most common place in Yamanashi to spot to Japanese Black Bears. They should of really said there were Emu’s or Moa’s hanging around because thats what would worried me more than Bears.

Yamanashi Bear Hiking
Misaka Hills Hiking

To date, the only sign of bears I have seen up there are scratch marks on trees, but at least I know they are around! After seeing them in Shiretoko Hokkaido a few years back, I’ve been on the lookout ever since.

Shiretoko Bears.jpg

On a good day you can often spot deer, foxes, tanuki, monkeys, numerous birds, the odd snake, pigs and the Japanese salamander that could easy be in the upcoming Goosebumps movie starring Jack Black.

If you or your mate are not too keen on meeting the Berenstain Bears, the Himine Shrine is still definitely worth the drive or hike. If the Kerrigans from the Australian movie ‘The Castle’ visited here even they would be changing their holiday plans due the high amount of serenity.

Use the link to help you find the way up there, it’s an area that is heaven for people who love an adventure and to cool down in the heat of summer.

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