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The most useful onsen in Yamanashi- Misaka No Yu

Part 2 of 2

Moving on from where we left off last time, you had a few too many wines at Budo no Oka which has made you think everything you say is as funny as Charlie Kelly in Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia. You have made a wise decision to pull the pin on the wine, enjoyed some noodles at Minaki but now feel you may need something extra to clean yourself up before you head back to be a salaryman in Tokyo.

My suggestion is head to Misaka No Yu and enjoy the variety of facilities they have on offer. This is my pick for the top onsen around the Kofu/ Yamanashi/ Fuefuki area, sure there are stunning views like at Hottarakashi onsen looking over at Mt Fuji, you cant go wrong here either and is really recommended.

Misaka No Yu is a onsen that has no views but just pool after pool of highlights. Head on in, remember if you live in Misaka city, you get a entrance discount!

Begin with the outdoor pool to ease into it, then hit the salt sauna to really make yourself relax. It was my first time to enjoy a salt sauna, in the middle of the room you will find a drum of salt, get a handful and rub it over your body. the salt will absorb into your skin pulling out all the garbage and making your skin softer than a piece of Yonezawa Beef.

I recommend hitting the salt sauna twice at the most, anymore will dehydrate you and you will feel like you had a night of drinking 200 $1 double shot Bourbons in Palmerston North. In between salt hits enjoy the cold pool to make your heart rate jump more than when you found out Bruce Willis was a ghost in The Sixth Sense.

There are also massage onsens, steam rooms, another sauna where you can watch sumo wrestling and also 4 other different temperature pools. This is why It is certainly the most useful onsen in my neighbourhood.

To advertise it even further, I have also seen a full on fight in the onsen where the police had to attend. I know Japanese people want you to enjoy your onsen experiences but that was something not too many people get to witness.

I’m not promising it will happen here again, but it did happen so you never know your luck..

After the huge day of wine, eating and onsening in Yamanashi and finally back to 100% health that we all crave, the only thing needed now is a ice cold refreshing 1 litre of draft beer to top off the perfect day.

Here are some directions for you, Enjoy!!

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