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Nishizawa Valley

The 4 seasons in Yamanashi are as distinct as you can get. There are major extremes with summer in the Kofu, Isawa area getting to 40C and Kiyosato city sometimes getting to -20C in winter. Coming from the tropics of Cairns where there is only wet and dry season, it makes for some interesting places to visit all year round.

In Enzan area of Yamanashi, you will find one of regions most sought after areas, Nishizawa Valley. All year round there are changing views, I haven't experienced spring yet, but summer, autumn and winter have scenery that rates higher than going to Cronulla beach on Australia day.

Summer time is an escape from the heat. Further up the gorge there are safe enough swimming spots even though the water is around 16C, it will refresh you more than drinking a plastic bag full of Fanta in Bangkok. You will be watched more than a dolphin in Taiji but don't let that bother you. There’s also a good chance you may spot a Japanese Salamander!

Summer green Nishizawa

Cool Summer Hiking Yamanashi

Autumn is peak season with the tourists flocking to the gorge to see the leaves change colour. It is stunning, but be aware that in Japan when something is popular it means you have to have patience, so don’t expect to rush around the track quicker than wolf hunting Liam Nesson.

Autumn Nishizawa
Nishizawa Autumn colours

Winter for me was the most perfect time to check it out. The snow made it look like Kevin Macallistar’s neighboood in Home Alone. What made it even more perfect was I was alone with the only living things around being some Deer and a few monkeys. The snow made it difficult to do the whole track but just heading to the first bridge will blow you away.

Frozen Lake Nishizawa
Nishizawa winter paradise

See the photo below for details to get to this impressive place!

Nishizawa directions

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