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Japan's best burger

Here’s one of Yamanashi’s tastiest spots for a stunning feast. When you're visiting the Mt Fuji area you would be a fool not to go to Moose Hills Burgers at Kawaguchiko. These burgers will make grin more than when you scroll through tinder in the Czech Republic. They are huge burgers that even filled up my friend who once ate a whole leg of venison.

I got told this is the place where the Japanese Prime Minister comes when he's craving a burger, could be a yarn, but after tasting the chilli cheese burger I believe it. They even told me when One Direction visited Japan they took a chopper out to see Mt Fuji and stopped by Moose Hills for some Avocado Burgers with Onion rings.

There’s a huge selection of International beers and also some local Yamanashi brews that go down really well with the Double Cheese Burger. You will be a satisfied individual afterwards; the best thing to do

is go to an Onsen and have a nap ready for the next meal.

Moose Hills Burger

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